CRL Accelerator Demo Day 2020

Meet the startups driven to improve humAn and planetary health

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There has never been a more important need for collaborative innovation to resolve universal human challenges. The way we live, our physical and mental health and the way we care for others is now, more than ever a global concern.

The CRL accelerator 2020 cohort have taken on this challenge. Meet our innovators and be inspired by some of the UK's most talented hardware startups.

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Meet our cohort

Melissa Berthelot



& Joe


& John



WarnerPatch is a medical device that predicts disease evolution, enabling clinicians to give preventive care, improve patient outcome and save care costs. Focusing on diabetic foot and wound care, WarnerPatch is a wearable wireless sensor that continuously measures symptoms and predicts disease progression, notifying the clinician when the patient is at high risk. 2K amputations can be prevented annually in the UK, also saving £250M to the NHS annually.




Melissa Berthelot


Enayball & Soapstone

Enayball is a social enterprise making accessible drawing tools for people with physical disabilities. Their drawing tool enables anyone with a physical disability, including the most highly paralysed people, to independently draw. It is a joy to use and a gateway to increase autonomy, expression and resilience.  

Soapstone is a sustainable way to sanitise your hands. The pocket sized dispenser is a refillable, durable object, eliminating the need for single-use plastic bottles, ultimately leading to a more sustainable alternative to current products. It is a joy to use – rub it in your hands like a bar of soap to clean the device AND your hands – so you can safely share it with your friends.



Pete & Eli




Cryogenx are developing ground-breaking MedTech devices to revolutionise heat stroke treatment. Our first product is a portable, high performance body cooling device. Cryosuit is the ice bath in your backpack. Designed to emulate the mechanism and effectiveness of ice water immersion, Cryosuit enables life-saving treatment to be delivered in any scenario. By 2030, heat related deaths are predicted to increase by 257%, we’re here to change that.


Matt Anderson



MyoMaster is on a mission to build the biggest athlete recovery community in the world. They are creating game changing recovery technology that improves performance and reduces the chance of injury for everybody who exercises. Now the official recovery tech partner of some of the biggest sporting clubs in the UK, they’ve grown four fold this year. 




Lottie & Joe




Leather is the world’s most environmentally destructive textile and a £400 billion market. Treekind by Biophilica is a new alternative to material that can be recycled or turned into compost. It uses less than 1% of the water in leather production. It is non-toxic, estimated carbon-negative, and contains ZERO plastic. Treekind is entirely made from plants, primarily green waste. Guilt and plastic-free! 






Stix Mindfulness

Stix is disrupting the mindfulness industry with the introduction of interactive activities and gamification. Stix is making mindfulness fun with screen-less hand-held devices that enable children to practice mindfulness and earn rewards, to manage their own mental wellbeing. Children are taken on mindfulness journeys through guided audio, visual signifiers and haptic feedback with a separate supporting App that encourages regular practice and progression, thereby helping to improve mental wellness.




Toby Kress

Managing Director with Plus X update

Alison Lapper

MBE, artist & keynote speaker

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