Instant print motion & 3D photos

Bringing memories to life

fotostax is creating a portable printer for 3D and moving photos. The device connects to your phone so you can use it like an instant print camera for moving/ 3D photos.

The founders came to Plus X to develop new designs for their product, and proof of concept for their technology. We worked with them to create a working prototype, high-fidelity visual model, and app. These assets enabled them to demonstrate the functionality and vision of their product to investors as well as consumers.


As a result of the work done with Plus X, fotostax is on a path to creating its first handheld working prototype – implementing its mechanism in a smaller form factor. The team plans to launch a crowdfunding campaign to help them along this journey.




Consumer Tech

What we did

  • Mechanical R&D
  • Mechanical design
  • PoC prototyping
  • Industrial design
  • Modelmaking
  • App Design

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