The fourth cohort of start-ups arrive ready for CRL’s Accelerator!

The Central Research Laboratory (CRL) is excited to unveil the six start-ups on the next round of its Accelerator Programme. The programme supports product-focused entrepreneurs, helping them to develop crucial areas of their business, so ‘accelerating’ them towards product manufacture and business growth. The start-ups joining CRL represent some of the most innovative UK-based, product-focused businesses, and we’re delighted that they have chosen CRL as the place to develop their ideas.

CRL’s six-month Accelerator Programme is uniquely optimised for the challenges of productcentric businesses. We help start-ups to understand what their customers really want, get their product manufactured at the right cost and find ways for them to gain the hardwarespecific funding that they might need, whether that’s through grants, crowdfunding or angel investors. Our ultimate goal is to help the start-ups to launch their products in a way that allows sustainable business growth.

Through the support of Mandy Nyarko, our Accelerator Programme Lead, and Alex Peet, our Product Development Lead, we’re confident that this latest cohort of start-ups will have access to the knowledge, networks and facilities that will truly accelerate their business.

Applications to the Accelerator Programme can be made all year round. We want to hear from interested start-ups at any time in the year, so that we can help refine their application and advise on when they are ready for our support.

CRL’s MD, Mat Hunter, says of the new cohort:


“Yet again we have a diverse and inspirational group of entrepreneurs and ideas which we are excited to support. These innovators will now become part of our thriving community, based on the site of EMI Records’ former R&D lab, making great ideas come alive”.


CRL’s new Accelerator cohort –

Waalflower Bio:

Waalflower designs and creates new age wireless technology; affordable accessories for every home. The flagship product; the wallflower, is a wall mounted wireless charger for tablet devices. Using rare earth magnets and QI wireless technology, the wallflower creates a solid connection allowing you to seamlessly charge your tablet devices, keeping your device wall mounted, accessible and always powered. Bringing the magic of wireless charging to your tablet.
Chip[s] Board
Chip[s] Board® is an eco-friendly alternative to chip board and MDF made from potato waste. Unlike its resin based counterparts, Chip[s] Board® is biodegradable post-use and doesn’t contain formaldehyde or any other toxic resins and chemicals.
Their core objective is to find value where others see waste. Conceiving, developing, producing, and marketing environmentally friendly materials from industrial byproducts that have a positive impact on our planet’s ecosystem. They are committed to working with industry to reimagine linear production models and find new use for waste products as viable alternatives to toxic, unsustainable materials currently in use.

Animaro is a London based design studio that combines art and engineering to create playful furniture for the home. In Autumn 2017 they launched their first product, the ‘Crane Lamp’ on kickstarter which was successfully funded and featured in Wired, the Sunday Times and Evening Standard. In Autumn 2018 they will launch the ‘Solstice Clock’, a sculptural timepiece that gradually opens and closes during the day giving a visual expression to the passing of time.

Chakshu Saharan is the Founder and Managing Director of Ignius Ltd. Being an IoT enthusiast, Chakshu is passionate about bringing the advantages of connected technologies to address some of the most compelling ‘use-cases’ primarily in emerging markets. She has over 10 years experience as a Management Consultant in the UK, Europe and India for leading multinationals.
At Gilaasi, they’re creating the world’s first pair of fashionable glasses that you can fine tune from glasses to sunglasses at the touch of a button.
Glasses wearers shouldn’t have to worry about their glasses and still carry prescription sunglasses to switch into when the sun shines. They also shouldn’t have to rely on the alternative of slow and uncontrollable photochromic lenses.
With Gilaasi FineTunes you won’t have to deal with any of that. You control the change from glasses to sunglasses with speed and simplicity.

Tim Dayman is innovating the way we approach cycle safety in city areas.
As a regular urban cyclist, Tim is no stranger to the current solutions and problems with cycle light design. The usual methods include; dawning an ugly yellow jacket, multiple blinking lights, and a prayer to the cycling gods. 
The company aims to produce ‘The most visible cycle light in the world’ utilising innovative technology and a new way of design thinking. 
Say goodbye to ugly high-vis jackets and reflectors, because Sabre is looking to bring safety and style together for the first time. 

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