Innovate and operate

One of the core elements of our Startup Incubator programme is something we call the Fundamental Sessions. These are monthly 1 to 2 day workshops that are based around content in the specially developed CRL Startup Toolkit. Over the next month’s we’ll be introducing our 11 startups to a variety of supporting methods, frameworks, approaches, organisations and experts that will help to accelerate their progress.

“The use of “fundamental” to qualify our sessions speaks for itself, but might be incomplete. To my mind, their high value arises from the tailor-fitting of their content and format to the specific needs of our teams Moreover, according to the spirit of CRL team, we always aim to make it interactive and fun!” — Pierre, CRL Incubator Programme Manager

Our CRL Startup Toolkit is grouped under two main sections, Innovate and operate:

  • INNOVATE is focused on helping you to understand, consider and decide what it will take to turn your idea into a viable, valid proposition that your customers will want. It covers 8 key topics; from Customers, Consumers & Users to Manufacturing, Sourcing and Supply Chain.
  • OPERATE is more about the business, intended to help support with the tools for setting up and shaping business and/ or enterprise operations. The key considerations around building your team, business planning, accounting and raising investment. This section is supported by our great CRL expert supporters, IBB Law, Mathys & Squire, Kingston Smith and KPMG Tech Growth. Alongside our Fundamental Sessions the CRL also runs classes that focus on core supplementary skills such as pitching and accessing finance.

Combining all of these together gives the CRL Startups comprehensive support and guidance to put theory into practical application and kickstart their development process and enterprises.

Stay tuned to hear more about these sessions, some shared content and great startup advice!
29/10/2015 written by Ashley Sayed, CRL Operations Director


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