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The world’s first electronic tabla

Reinventing a traditional instrument

At Plus X, Keda Music developed Tabla Touch, the world’s first electronic instrument that faithfully reproduces the sound and playing experience of the tabla – a traditional Indian drum.

Together with a new universal Indian Drum Notation system, Keda aims to expand the use of the instrument to all genres of music and stages. The support and expert advice from the mentorship programme motivated internationally acclaimed tabla player Kuljit Bhamra to build a strong team of his own.


As a driven and independent person, Kuljit never thought about having a team. He now has two co-founders and a solid team of experts. This will continue to grow further as they plan to launch Tabla Touch in India this year. The notation system and new music pieces for tabla have also been published in four books that are available worldwide on Amazon.




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What we did

  • Prototyping
  • Design for manufacture
  • Business support

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