The Central Research Laboratory workshop

State-of-the-art prototyping, product development and batch production facilities in West London.

Most memberships include workshop training, so you don’t have to be an expert!


The Central Research Laboratory workshop is a multi-disciplinary prototyping, product development and learning space with world-class machinery and a specialist workshop team.

Electronics workshop

Prototype your idea

The electronics workshop is focused on the production of smaller prototypes and electronics. We have a wide range of 3D printers of different types and sizes for all kinds of projects, as well as full production and testing facilities for electronics.



Making it smart

Get electronics prototypes working in hours, not weeks, using our PCB milling tools and electronics assembly and testing stations.

Form 3L


Complex parts, quickly

We have a wide selection of 3D printing machines, using both FDM and SLA technology. For the biggest prints, our Raise Pro 2 Plus can produce parts up to 605mm tall.

Sewing machine


For smaller projects

For crafting projects, we have machines like a vinyl cutter to make stickers, a sewing machine and tools to work with foam.

Heavy workshop

For the big projects

The heavy workshop is for working on big projects. It’s to create high-precision engineering and manufacturing prototypes in metal, plastic or wood. As well as digital machines for cutting and milling, you’ll find equipment such as bandsaws, mill drills, lathes and sanders. This space is fitted with industrial extraction, keeping the air quality clean.


Workshop tools

Tools you'd expect, only better

We have the usual benches, hand and power tools, and core workshop equipment for working in wood, metal and plastic. All of the highest standard, and in a clean and safe environment.

CNC machines

Multi-axis milling

subtractive manufacturing, from every direction

With our Roland MDX-540 CNC mill, you can produce complex parts, moulds, or prototypes in wood, foam, plastics and metal, straight from your CAD software. Make parts with overhangs and complex features thanks to our 4-axis rotary mount.



Laser cutting

Fast, precision fabrication

Cut and engrave in high precision on a huge number of sheet materials including acrylic, plywood, veneers, cork, rubber, felt and glass.


Other facilities


PCB Room

Powered up electronics

Take your prototypes to the next level making your own PCBs with the equipment we provide such as an acid bath, an agitator, and a heat press.

PCB room

Spray booth

For the finishing touches

Achieve professional finish in your prototypes using our extraction booth for painting, oiling and adding finishing touches in safety.

Photography studio

Photo studio

Take your best shot

Get amazing videos and photos in our built-in photography studio specialized in product photography. You can choose between different backdrops, lights and camera lenses to get the most striking shots of your products.

Meet the workshop team

Workshop Manager & Prototype lead


Product Developer


Product Developer


Industrial Designer


Industrial Designer


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